Bulk SMS

Send a message simultaneously to your customers
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Get bulk SMS Now

Tenacity communications is visioned to bridge the gap between businesses and its customers by providing a bold line of communications from business to customers. Tenacity was started to primarily offer solutions to bulk SMS to businesses.

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50 cents per SMS - Bulk SMS

Tenacity bulk SMS system allows you to send a message to thousands of your clients simultaneously. This maybe wishing them a happy holiday, or even passing an important notification to your staffs

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Personalized Sender ID

Tenacity communications assists you get a sender ID that all your SMS shall be branded with. Your recipient shall always know that the message is from your business

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USSD and Short Codes

We develop USSD and short codes systems. Our USSD has artificial intelligence with rich information and detailed information on a short process. No hanging or system failure, but 99.99% guaranteed uptime

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Schedule SMS

With our system, your are able to schedule a message whether for your staffs or your clients on important events, offers, change of a product, or even for an important announcement

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