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Bulk SMS

Bulk sms service enables you send a single message to many people just at the click of a burton.


We dedicate our time to produce the best website to suit your business, as you focus on your core business.

Web Hosting

Get Webhosting service, it comes with unlimited official emails to proffessionalise your business.

Point Of Sale(P.O.S)

Are you looking for a point of sale, sacco system, microfinance system? We can help.

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We are a tech company focusing on bulk sms, web-design, webhosting, P.O.S systems, Sacco systems, Mpesa integrations, and software development.

Bulk sms

send a single message to many people at a click of a button


Get well designed websites from us


host your websites with us

Official emails

We can give you unlimited Official emails all for KES.2,000 annually.

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